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22, Jarac, Colombia
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in my favorite restaurant
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Independence Day
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Drops Of Love
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Bitni detalji od Barbiegirl-1
Spol Žena
Zanima me Žene, Muškarci
Dob 22
Visina 5' - 5'3" [150cm - 160cm]
Težina 100 - 120 lbs [45 - 55 kg]
Kosa Brineta
Oči Smeđe
Etnička pripadnost Latino
Jezici Engleski
Stidne dlake Podšišana
Poprsje Mali
Guza Velik
Što me napaljuje
I am excited by erotic stories, that they take control over me, that they tell me what to do or what they would like me to do to them
O meni
Hi, I'm Barbie, I'm 22 years old and I like the color pink. Barbie is a kind of alter-ego that believes to save me, Barbie helped me understand that life has more meaning than being a sexy and outgoing dancer and so on, I am human, I feel sadness, joy, love and many things, today I will tell you I owe everything to her and I don't know what would be of me without her, thanks to you for loving Barbie, today she feels very happy and I also thank you for all the love and support received from you
Što me odbija
I don't like rude or too rude users for no reason, I don't like that they come to my room to promote other models and I don't like that they treat me with insults
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I want you to see me masturbating with my two vibrators I want you to see me masturbating with my two vibrators 1:32
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Fuck me in all positions and make me finish dripping Fuck me in all positions and make me finish dripping 5:36
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wild twerking wild twerking 1:33
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Do you want a massage for your cock with my mouth? Do you want a massage for your cock with my mouth? 1:39
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Barbiegirl-1 lista želja
Being the queen of queens on bongacams
Being the queen of queens on bongacams
It is my great dream to be on the first page of the top models, to be #1, to be the queen of queens, I hope for all your support to achieve it
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Travel all over Europe
Travel all over Europe
I wish one day to know all the European places, to know their different cultures, foods, customs and others
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Gifts from my users
Gifts from my users
I love gifts, details, I love feeling loved, so I love being surprised
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Komentari (4)
This woman is an absolute gem! Very friendly and genuine while also having a naughty and sensual side. Truly one of the best! You will fall in love with her! Highly recommend!
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